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We’re back with the best Christmas Cakes and treats to help you enjoy yourself this Christmas!

From nibbles with drinks to seasonal classics like Mince Pies, we’ve got everything you need to make getting together with friends and family absolutely delicious.

Check out the special range below! Of course we’ll still have our full range, or if there’s something special you need, give us a call and we’ll make it happen.

Cakes and Sweets

Christmas Cakes
Our traditional cakes are brandy soaked fruits, pecans and finished with a glace cherries, lush brandy and apricot glaze.

Gift wrapped and ready

$80 1kg bar or round cake
$85 white fondant iced

Fruit Mince Pie
Full of brandy soaked fruits and delicious spice .We make the fruit mince early in the year to mature just in time for Christmas. Handmade and delicately finished with a flaky pastry star.
$3.60 each
$38 per dozen

Mango Trifle
Jocelyn’s famous trifle, layered with soft vanilla sponge cake, sherry, fresh mango, crème patisserie and finished with meringues. (serves 10)

Sweet Tarts
Lemon – always a favourite!
$40 Small (18cm)
$65 Large (28cm)

Almond and Fruit tart is just as popular, this year with fresh Nectarines.
$40 Small (18cm)
$65 Large (28cm)

Chocolate ganache tart a rich blend of milk and dark chocolate ganache finished with dried rose petals
$48 Small
$75 Large


A soft, delicious and easy to serve dessert.
A choice of rich chocolate, cream and raspberries or lemon meringue with cream and our fabulous lemon curd, serves 10 to 12
$65 each

Perfect Gifts

It wouldn’t be Christmas without our shortbread Rich and Buttery, Plain or Festive spice
$13 per bag

A delicious Italian style Christmas cake. We make it with lots of dried fruits, toasted nuts, sweet spice and our farm Killarney honey. The bars are topped with edible rice paper. The perfect gift or slice thinly & enjoy with your coffee.

Ginger Stars
Spicy and chewy, great as a sweat treat or the perfect garnish on your Christmas dessert

White Christmas
A luscious mix of white Lindt chocolate, cranberries, glace cherries and marshmallow. Bagged and ribboned

Caramel Brandy Sauce
The ultimate festive sauce for puddings, ice cream and luscious chocolate cakes full of brandy, fresh eggs and butter

Made to order with a selection of Cake & Bake items

Savouries Too…

Parmesan and cheddar biscuits
Perfect with drinks or as part of the cheese plate.
$13 per packet

Spiced Savoury Nuts
A wonderful roasted spicy blend of nuts perfect with a drink

Our relish selection includes… Eggplant & Ginger, Tomato & Spice or Stonefruit & Sultana

We look forward to sharing the Festive Season with you and your family

Thank you for your continued support

Jocelyn X