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Small: 13cm Serves 6–8
Large: 20cm Serves 10–12
Tray Cake Small: 15 x 20cm Serves 20–25
Tray Cake Large: 30 x 40cm Serves 50
Bar Cake: 20cm x 8cm Serves 4–5

We can also make special order cakes to suit your celebration.

Chocolate, Almond Cake & Espresso Cake (GF)
A dense and rich chocolate cake, made with melted chocolate & flavoured with coffee then finished with dark ganache and garnished with fragrant dried rose petals
Delicious when served with Double cream and our Rose & Rhubarb compote as a great dessert or celebration cake.
Small: $52-
Large: $79-

Red Velvet Layer Cake
A light and soft 3 layered cake with Cream cheese frosting, finished with fresh rose petals and raspberry powder. A perfect Birthday cake for all ages.
Small Naked: $60-
Large Naked: $90-
Small: $65-
Large: $95-

We can make this in a Small or Large Heart, Ring, Bundt or Square (prices vary)

Chocolate Roulade (GF)
A beautifully soft chocolate and cream roll.
Cream & Raspberry: $75-
Cream, Raspberry & Nutella: $75-
Cream & Nutella: $75-
Serves 10

Chocolate Sour Cream
This velvety cake is moist from the addition of sour cream during baking. The addition of white or dark ganache icing makes it a decadent choice for a celebration centre piece. Toppings can include, honeycomb, toffee, raspberries, nutella and Turkish Delight or our lastest Mascarpone.
Small: $52-
Large: $79-

Different shapes available to order.

Orange & Almond (GF)
A very moist cake made with whole oranges and almond meal. It is topped with cream cheese and our carefully made candied citrus peel with a sprinkle of dried edible blooms.
It can be dairy free topped with meringues instead of cream cheese icing.
Small: $52-
Large: $79-

Layered Butter Cake
Our “daily” cake.
Three layers of traditional butter cake with classic creamy vanilla buttercream and your choice of lemon curd, passionfruit curd, fresh raspberry (and Jam) or salted caramel. Finishing garnish matches the layers.
Small: $60-
Large: $90-

Lemon Cheesecake (Baked)
Full of fresh lemon flavour and slow baked, finished with lemon curd, meringues and fresh petals.
Small: $52-
Large: $79-

Vegan Chocolate Cake
Rich, very soft and delicious. Dairy & Egg free
Finished with Chocolate drip Icing and toffee shards.
Small: $52-
Large: $79-

Ginger Treacle
A very soft textured cake with a sweet spiced ginger and treacle flavour topped with soft cream and crystallised ginger pieces.
Small: $52-
Large: $79-

Lemon Dream
Gorgeous vanilla layered butter cake filled with buttercream and our famous lemon curd, topped with billowing Italian meringue. A show stopper!
Small: $65-
Large: $95-

Black Forest
A three layered Chocolate cake filled with dark ganache, whipped cream and cherries.
Small: $65-
Large: $95-

Lamington Cake (GF)
A soft layered (gluten free) sponge cake with a chocolate coconut coat OR red velvet with a raspberry jelly and coconut coat, both filled with fresh cream.
Small: $60-
Large: $90-

Carrot Cake
A golden favourite of so many! This is a super moist cake, studded with walnuts, lots of fresh carrot and a fragrant spice blend. This cake is iced with cream cheese frosting and finished with walnuts and toffee shards.
Small: $52-
2 layers
Large: $79- 2 layers

We are happy to customise your special occasion cake… wedding, birthday or anniversary.
Email your enquiry to


A delicious varied selection of Bar Cakes are available in the shop from Tuesday to Saturday. Please visit or call us to make your selection.
We are unable to take orders for bar cakes.

Flavours (may vary depending on season) Prices start from $27.50
Ginger treacle
Carrot & Walnut
Chocolate sour cream
Red velvet
Ricotta & Fruit (un-iced)

Gluten Free options$27.50
Orange & Almond
Chocolate & Almond


Our famous brisee pastry base, hand rolled with a flaky finish.

Your choice of Fresh lemon, Passionfruit, Banoffee, Mascarpone or Almond fillings.
13cm $9.50
18cm $45 Lemon meringue $50
28cm $70 Lemon Meringue $75

Mini Tarts with our toasty and crisp Nut Pastry base
Lemon: Curd, cream and meringue $6
Banoffee: Banana, caramel, chocolate and cream $6
Strawberry: Seasonal with fresh strawberry and cream $6


Newstead Brownie
Double chocolate and raisin with dark chocolate topping

Chocolate Caramel Slice
Coconut pastry base with caramel filling, finished with dark chocolate ganache, sprinkle of sea salt

Blonde Brownie, White Chocolate and Cashew

Filled Biscuits

Available Friday and Saturday, classic Chocolate or Red Velvet

Cream Buns
Available Thursday only, filled with jam and fresh cream

Red Velvet Butterfly Choc Sour Cream Gluten Free Choc and Coffee Gluten Free Orange and Almond



Almond Croissant

Chocolate Croissant

Portuguese Tarts

Savoury Muffins, ricotta, spinach and bacon (Saturday only)

Fresh Organic Sourdough Loaves (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Baguettes (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)


Quiche with flakey pastry base
Lorraine (bacon, caramel onion and cheddar)
Smoked salmon and dill (made to order)
Individual: $9-
Small 18cm: $35-
Large 28cm: $65-

Sausage Rolls
Pork and thyme rolled in puff pastry

Vegetarian, ricotta, spinach and pumpkin

Chicken Curry Puffs
A mild chicken and potato curry in puff pastry, great as a snack or with a leafy salad.



Hancock & Farm
Our famous slow cooked Tomato Relish and spicy Eggplant Relish are available year round.
A range of preserves, compotes and savoury relishes are available. All 270ml, seasonal varieties as per labels.

Marmalade Seasonal fruit from Jocelyn’s Citrus orchard , lemon ,lime and grapefruit $14-
Relishs $14.50-
Rhubarb & Raspberry & Rose Compote $15.50-
Lemon or Lime, or Passionfruit Curd $15.50-
Seasonal Pesto Basil and cashew $16.5-

Raw seasonal honey harvested 3 times a year from Jocelyn’s Farm in Killarney (may contain pollen and wax)

Open Range Eggs
We are proud to stock ethically produced Freestone Valley Farms. Super fresh and great for breakfast or baking.
1 Dozen, 600g $11.50-

Cake&Bake Granola
Delicious and handmade in house by Cake & Bake. Full of oats, grains and Killarney honey $15-

Cake&Bake Classics: Anzac, Biscotti, Coconut Crisp, Chocolate Chip $13.80-

Meringue Selection

Cultured Butter

Double Cream

Church Farm Ketchup



Sparkling Water




A selection of Australian artisan cheeses such as Maffra cloth wrapped cheddar, Woodside goats cheese, feta and brie as well as Meander Valley double cream.

We also support Barambah organics, and stock their award winning yoghurts, milk and feta cheese

Drinks on offer include a range of Kombucha and sparkling water.