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We’re back with the best Christmas Cakes and treats to help you enjoy yourself this Christmas!

From nibbles with drinks to seasonal classics like Stollen, we’ve got everything you need to make getting together with friends and family absolutely delicious.

Check out the special range below! Of course we’ll still have our full range, or if there’s something special you need, give us a call and we’ll make it happen.


Cakes and Sweets

Traditional Fruit Cakes
Australian dried fruits with our own candied orange and soaked in loads of brandy, garnished with pecans and glace cherries.
$32.00 bar 500gm
$60.00 1kg
$90.00 1.5kg serves 25

Fruit Mince Pies
Hand made from top to bottom with our luscious soaked fruit mince and crisp pastry.
$3.20 each
$36.00 dozen

Rocky Road
A Cake and Bake staple – Marshmallows, Turkish delight lots of dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts.
$16.00 bar

Ginger Spiced Christmas Trees and Ginger Bread Men
Ready for giving, perfect for sharing – a Christmas classic and a fantastic stocking stuffer.
$12.50 Pack of 4

Meringue and Raspberry Roulade
With a shaved white chocolate and raspberry cream filling. Perfect for dessert.
$58.00 serves 8

German style festive sweet bread with rum soaked fruits. Always a favourite, sliced thinly for breakfast or great with a glass of bubbles.
$35.00 serves 10

Savoury Classics

Savoury Crackers
Parmesan biscuits or our hand rolled, seeded Lavosh. Perfect with drinks or as part of the cheese plate.
12.50 pack of 10

Slow Roasted Ginger and Chilli Nuts
Our ginger and chilli savoury nuts, slow roasted and delicious to share with friends over a drink or just as a nibble.
$18.75 300g


Harris farm Smoked trout and dill
$58.00 28cm
$34.00 18cm

Summer vegetables and fresh herbs
$58.00 28cm
$34.00 18cm

Of course, we have our regular Hancock & Farm staples!

Eggplant Relish, Tomato Relish and classic creamy Lemon or Passionfruit Curds are great gifts, or just to have on the breakfast table.

Rhubarb & Rose compote great to serve with a dessert or folded through whipped cream or mascarpone, even better – on a cherry and raspberry pavlova – perfect for Christmas lunch!

We’re also happy to say our bees have been busy, and we’ll have New Season Killarney Honey available from December!