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We only use butter!

Brioche fruit scroll with Raisin and creme patisserie
Brioche Poulannaise, soaked fruit, creme patisserie and Italian Meringue
Fruit pop overs, puff pastry and fruit
Almond Croissant
Fruit Band
Bacon & Cheese scroll


Grain, pulse, herbs and cheese, nuts, different dressings – lots of delicious options for our vegetarian friends!
Small: $13.5-
Large: $17.5-

Brioche Pizzette (V)
Mixture of caramelised onion, roast pumpkin, mushrooms, parmesan, eggplant

Quiche with flakey pastry base
A mixture of seasonal vegetables such as tomato, eggplant, roast pumpkin, mushroom and fresh herbs with cheese.
OR Classic Quiche Lorraine
IND: $8.5-
Small: $34-
Large: $55-
Long: $48-

Pies and Chicken Curry Puffs
IND: $8-
Family: $38-

Dannys bread is available Friday and Saturday, organic sourdough selection available.


Your choice of classic lemon, lemon meringue, banoffee or fruit & almond
Small (18cm): $38-
Large (28cm): $58-

Mini Tarts
Caramel & praline

Lemon: Lemon curd, white chocolate ganache almond pastry base
Banoffee: caramel, fresh banana, cream (chocolate pastry)


West End Brownie
Full of chewy and gooey chocolate flavour with swirls of halve and Tahini

Chocolate Caramel Slice
Coconut pastry base with caramel filling, finished with dark chocolate ganache, sprinkle of sea salt

Red Velvet Butterfly Cupcakes
Topped with a swirl of cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of raspberry Powder

Paris Brest
Choux pastry filled with creme patisserie

Vanilla slice
Beautiful layers of puff pastry and vanilla creme filling

Chocolate and Salty Caramel Slice
Coconut base with baked caramel filling and chocolate top.

Peanut butter Brownie
A rich and chewy brownie topped with white ganache and peanut praline.

Flaked Almond
A honey soaked & toasted almond slice

Hand-made using the finest ingredients


Small: 15cm
Large: 20cm
Bar Cake: 20cm x 8cm

We can also make special order cakes to suit your celebration

Layered Sponge
The freshest of eggs from happy chickens is the soul of this Australian Classic. Filled with crushed raspberries and cream and dusted with icing sugar and edible flowers.
Small: $38-
Large: $58-

Chocolate and Hazelnut (GF)
A dense style of chocolate cake, beautifully full flavoured with the addition of roasted hazelnuts throughout and finished with a slick of dark ganache and dried rose petals.
Cup Cake: $5.8-
Small: $44-
Large: $68-

Red Velvet
Birthday cake perfect. Multi-layered with silken cream cheese vanilla frosting, finished with and raspberry powder and red velvet crumb
Cup Cake: $5.8-
Small: $44-
Large: $68-

Meringue Roulade (GF)
A beautifully soft meringue roll, filled with softly whipped cream and fruit.
One size serves 10. Available in store Friday & Saturday or to order.

Berry & Almond
Beautifully soft and delicious layered season fruit and almond cake. Serve as a dessert with ice cream or anglaise.
Small: $34-
Large: $55-

Chocolate Sour Cream
Layered and iced with creamy dark or white ganache with caramel popcorn and toffee garnish.
Mini-bar cake: $8-
Bar cake: $19.5-
Small: $42-
Large: $65-

Orange & Almond (GF)
Iced with cream cheese frosting, candied orange peel.
Small: $38-
Large: $58-

Concorde (GF)
A layered light chocolate mousse and Meringue gateaux, covered with chocolate meringue pieces.
Large: $45-
(one size only!)

Layered Butter Cake
Layered with your choice of buttercream, caramel, passionfruit curd or lemon curd. Garnishes include meringues, honeycomb or lemon curd to match.
Bars: $19.5-
Small: $42-
Large: $65-

Pear & Sour Cream
A moist teacake with a baked top of poached pear and berries.
Small: $34-
Large bar: $34-

Lemon Souffle Cheesecake
Light, fragrant and slow baked. This lemon cheesecake is topped with curd or seasonal fruit.
Small: $34-
Large: $55-


Hancock & Farm
A range of preserves, compote and savoury relishes. All 270ml, seasonal varieties as per labels.

Jams & Relishs

Raw Killarney Honey (may contain pollen and wax)

Fruit Compotes & Lemon Curd

As well as selected bought in products including coca powder, chocolate, butter, creme fraiche, Harris smoked trout and salmon

Free Range Eggs
1 Dozen $9-

Loaf $15-
Mini fluted $5-

A selection of ready to go biscuits

Chocolate Chip: A chewy and thin chocolate chip biscuit, ideal with coffee
ANZAC: Chewy, Australian, oaty classic.
Chocolate sables: a dark chocolate shortbread
Biscotti: A classic Italian double baked Biscuit , Fennel & Anise OR Chocolate & Hazelnut
Lavosh: A great savoury crisp bread for your cheese & anti pasta platter $9.5-

Meringue Selection

Filled Biscuits
Chocolate chip cookie with dark chocolate ganache
Custard creams filled with vanilla butter icing and raspberry jam